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1. Is your brand Visionary?

Is it aspirational and inspirational in communicating your product or services values?

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Marc Jacheet, Moët & Chandon
“In our industry, Moët has succeeded in seeing champagne emerge from its historical market of alcoholic beverages to become a luxury brand. This has influenced the entire sector and driven it towards 'premium.”

2. Is your brand Integrated?

Is it positioned to be proactive and multidimensional in responding to diverse stakeholders' needs and expectations?

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Alison Bain, American Express
“Providing superior customer service that goes above and beyond the norm is something we place considerable emphasis on within our organization. Our aim is to ensure that we give our customers the confidence they are increasingly asking for in this climate. We reassure them that we've got them covered—wherever they are in the world.”

3. Is your brand Visceral?

Is it compelling, memorable and emotionally satisfying?

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Jan-Christiaan Koenders, BMW
“BMW has identified very early on that, next to our products, the brand is the second strongest pillar for our success. It delivers the emotional added value that is very important for our customers.”

4. Is your brand Reflective of value?

Is it clear about its benefits to stakeholders?

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Erich Stamminger, adidas group
“We have a clearly defined brand mission, vision, and values. Authenticity plays a vital role here... It builds trust and credibility with the consumer and provides the basis for identification with your brand, and it must never be jeopardized.”